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Young Scythes The Launch Black Ruins Boys in Blue Man and Daughter Dawn Barber Shop Window Flicking Marbles The Stare Red Riders Sad Owl Girls in Green The Bullet The Hairdresser Songbird Slingshot Waterboy at the Shrine Woman and Man The Hook Handed Ice Cream Seller Bird Seller Sunset Scrawl In the Light of Script Love Cart Alive Woman in the Friday Mosque The Boy and the Red Ring Green of the Martyrs Practise the Veil Smoke Cloud Girl in the Flour Market Mirror Ball The Carpet Seller Why are you here? Four Panjshiri Guards The Hunting Dog The Rug Seller Old Man at the Shrine Ghulab the Gardener Guards at the Buzkashi Suffering Seen Shorn Dawn at the Lake Heart Shaped Shoes بند امیر‎‎ (Band-i-Amir) Warm in a Patu The Street Barber's Tools The Sign on Swimming Pool Hill Bird Man Village Elder Sisters in Red AK-47 Kabul Commuter Sandstorm over Kabul Sparks Flying Shandiz Bakery Berry Drink Hazarajat Winterscape Kandahari Turbans Houses from the Air Greybeard Walnut Jar Friday Mosque Talibs Looking Glasses The Citadel Boy with a Red Basket Red Beaker Medical Students in the Friday Mosque The Kite Flyer The Pause Green Snuff Children under Bala Hissar Young Talib with Grapes The Boy from Jalalabad The Photograph Seller in the Bird Market Phylum Protozoa Younis Kanuni Mosque The Watcher Puppies In Babar's Gardens The Weigher Three Hazara Girls Cowgirl Rooftop Minarets The Butcher Mounted Turkoman Nomad Beauty The Well in the Mosque Parasol Buzkashi Rider Delight The Boy Selling The Strange Green Fruit The Veteran Hazara Student Bahkshish Black Reins on a White Horse Koochi Boy Tribal Elder Bubblegum Gang of Friends Koochi Eyes Big Brother's Hat City of Screams Family Koochi Girl Pashtun Smile Kizil Hearts on a Prayer Hat Rearing Bushkashi Horse Red Stone Ring Riding Bushkashi Horses On Kabuli Plains Sliding on the Ice School Colours Shadow Rider Sparks Sunset over Graveyard Hill Smile of a Winner Black Shirt The Guard To The Red City The Money Changer Steel Gaze Tajik The Red City Mountains The Road to Istalif Comfort Taleb The Bike and the Bus The Butcher Eating Ice Cream The Cock Fighter The Grape Sellers The Grave of the Shah's Queen Tough War Demon
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