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Houses without Smoke

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Woven Fangs Hung by their Eyes Rose-tinted The Dove and the Dragon Leather Wings Giant Spider The Scream Red Rooster Jolly Roger Pau Scowls in the Light from the Door Dying Sorrow Drawn on his Shoulder Datu and Novi Siamese Lovers Brother and Sister Light and Smoke Through Trees The Moped Driver Shepherd Boy in the Cave A Grain of Rice Woman in the Market Matius the Eel Seller Sacred Eye Sharpen the Knives Cloth Tied to Fertility Votive Tail of Monkey Fruit and Eggs Starfish Under the Jetty Marcus Dedoq Josuf the Dragon Guide Cave for the Dead The Sacrificial Bull The Skull in the Tree Kecak Dancers Pray Before Performing Tail of Komodo More Speed Cut Glass Killer on a T-Shirt Dying Cocks Struggle to Breathe Struggle: Indonesian Democracy Elizabeth, Bent Double with Age Kutud the Silversmith Shirts in the Window Boy In Blue T-Shirt Fruit Seller in Ruteng Market Two Monkeys He Knows what is Coming Chillies Baka Sendana, Outside the Cave of the Dead Beetal Nut Lime Golkar Pet Hercules Beetle Machete Watching the Bulls Fight Characters in the Tree Line Sailor Man Fire Dancers Lisna Charge of the Tongkonan The Domino Game Purple Thistles on a Shrine Lipstick and Hijab Policemen Resting in the Shade Grandmother and Child Carving Daemons in Coconut Husk The Feet of a Deity Golden Wood Bleeds Red on Grey Stone Daniel Butu, Died Aged 85, Golden Cast Temple Door Selling Bananas Girl in Ubud at the Door of her Home Tobacco Seller All Bets Off To Be a Man of the Golden Cast Taking the Black from the Beach Bone in a Tree Girl Standing in a Sapling To Be a Woman of the Golden Cast Umbrellas in the Sun Teeth Bloodline Stone Beak Watching them Die Gateway to Tana Toraja Sea Daemon Trousers Dried into the Rock Eyes of a Child
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