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Red Pepper Kisses Purple Trumpets Little Dragon Angry Monkey She who Paints Thangka Mandala Flickering Prayers Touches of Red तिलक (Tilaka) Coloured Bulbs Sadness White Elephant Temple Top Griffin Little God Candles in the Rain Tika Connect Four Growing Roots Every Potential Untitled Thought Process Red and Green Happy Load The Guard Portal 009 A Touch of Red Garuda A Cargo of Bricks Child Labour Jatta Dhari Lokeswor Hand in the Soot Bond In the Square Fierce Dieties Flower God A Flower behind the Ear Pennies from Burnt Bodies अभिभावक (Guardian) Mahisasuramardini (Crusher of the Buffalo Demon) तीर्थस्थलका (Shrine) Frailty Matriarch Night Notes Black Candles Rock Spirit Vegetable Bike Shop Sleeping Sadhu Jagganath Mandir A Tomb of Marigolds Singing Prayer Trees Hide in a Basket Douse दुर्गा (Durga) Looking On Red Sash म्हयखाझ्या (Peacock Window) Prayer Wheel Aryika Cockerel in the Window Untitled Shadow Monkey Night Stupa Hanuman Resting Place From the Well गेंदे के फूल (Marigold) Cuspids Medicine Prayer Press-ups Prayers Thin Air Cuts Prayers in the Air Elegance Beaten Copper Stars Pachisi Trumpets and Walls Little Lost Calf Through the Curtain Burnt Offering Juggernaut Layers of Bricks Untitled Top Knot Blue Window Green Shoots Little Temple Terraces Durbar American Eagle Tantric Elephants Stitch Weave Shoots Walking the Cows Bundles Untitled Townsmen Narasimha kills Hiranyakashipu Sun-dried Dad's Bike Buddha from Clay Charm Disembowelled Lingam Yoni Marigold Coffin Vishnu Flies Shakti Shiva Below the Tree Breath of Life Yellow Hairbands Walk in the Sun Tug of Water Flight of Vishnu Drying Clay Pots The Walk Home Brick Wall Memory Portal 003 Garlands for a Prince Animals in the Sky Newar Peacock ढाका टोपी (Dhaka Topi) Phallus Knocking Sun Shower In the Footsteps of Bhupatindra Malla Burnished कालिय (Kaliya) Yoni flowers Brickwork Under the Pagoda Maha Vishnu Demon Rodents Ornate Funeral Colour Ranga Hanuman Dhoka Rice! Friends Round the Bell Bikeload Tailor of Teleju Bell Taleju Scary Squirrels Stupas for Sale Spurs
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