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Little Seer (or the Oracle of Lahore) The Guard at Baltit Fort The Jangly Truck Painter Children of the Jamia Masjid Teeth The Noodle Seller View over Nagar from Baltit Fort Asleep by the Tools Kalash Mother Two Boys at the Top of Wazir Khan Minaret Chai The Master of Ceremonies Halal Meat Toothy Smile The Theatre of Wagah Bhutto's Wife and Baby Man in Lahore Hired Guns Dead Goat Devaa Held by the Ears Beat Metal Pashtun Movie Star Muhammad Adin Featherless Black Bull The Olive Seller Chitrali Tailor Brick Layer Fishing for Wood in the Flood Windburnt Family Hoof Dusk over Dead Horns Bracelets and Painted Nails The Painters of Wazir Khan Mosque The Three Truck Painters Little Dragon of the Five Rivers Drying Apricots Caught in the Headlights The Pigeon Fancier Hunza Elders Signing the Register Girl with Scythe Mulberries Picked from Disappearing Trees Chitral Scouts 1903 Baking Bread Red Script on Mint Green Doors Pashtun Boys in Swat Valley Old Muckers Shaven Heads Man in Green Turban Sparks White Script on Green Door Selling Colour The Old Mute of Mastuj Fort Oxidised Slammng the Gates on Hindustan The Tuk Tuk Driver Pounding Snuff Sketch of Shahi Masjid The Boys by the Bridge Cold from Swimming in the Tank Jangly Truck Driver M.Zahid Pakistani Ranger Red Prayer Hat Man in Charge of the Toilets on Dir Pass Old Wood and Young Fingers Waiting Outside the Teahouse Kalash Man Strange Juice Ice from the Minepin River A Seat at the Bench Death's Brother Beached Minnow Guns and Old Shoes Black Olives Old Man of Ganesh The Other Chitrali Tailor The Family Home of the Mir of Chitral Tightening Cogs Beneath Every Painted Womans Smile Father and Daughter Man Outside the Golden Mosque Reaping Punjabis Watch the Closing of the Hindustani Gates The Brick Maker No Love for S Old Man by the Polo Field The Birthing House One God One Pakistan Climbing Ladders Kyber Rifles The Hunza River Playing by the Sluice The Guard of Peshawar Museum The Boys at Shir Khans House The Boat Maker Talib in the Shahi Masjid Woman on her Farmstead in Chipursan Valley Two Girls in Altit The Red Sandal Brother and Sister Yousufzai Red Shepherd
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