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I Saw Him City of Mist Mother and Baby Luna Walls in the Cloud Moray Jungle Train Q'ipina Little Shepherd Rivers and Ice All Uphill Fixing Old Roofs Saqsaywaman Quechua Mothers and Sons Little Shepherdess Cliff Edge Eyes on the Prize Cloud Palace Machete The Doll Seller Quechua Baby Choclo Llama Love Garrotted Light at the Bottom of the Mountain Doorway Dog Blondie Heads on Shelves Fenced Jesus in a Glass Box Purple Onions Fired Up Snake Drain Sacrifice Chicken Funeral Bunny The Empty Fair Bundle Eroded Violet and Gold Pincuyo Trapezoids Tied Together Green Fingers Coca Raindrops Grasses Shroud Andean Slate The Three Amigos Pinkuylluna Lawn Mowers Old Techniques Tomb of the High Priestesses The Never Ending Woolly Coat Shut Out Never Finished Six Monoliths Sacred Mound Ziggy Edges in the Sky Scars on a Mountainside Intihuatana Homeward Bound Stone Cups Cloud Shadows Keeping out the Rock Chasms Waiting for the Call Always Steps Spiky Plants Grey Doors and Red Flowers Ladder to the Roof Little House The Blue Llama Cafe The Granaries Under Blankets and Bundles Blue Shutters Blown Rock Face Dust Devil Pig Tails Top of the Hill Friends in the Street Cacti Family Matters Cambio!! Ancient Waterways Water Channels Walking on Salt Animal Stars Crystaline Handmade Crusts Steed Sillutani A Bowl of Mouths Chullo Rusted Horseshoes Rock Walls Portal 004 The Stag Market Day Sapa Inka The Falcon Furniture on the Steps Lollies Mantequilla Pampacolca Butcher's Hat Mochica A Red Card A Pile of Corn Pollos Gallinas Man and Woman I See Dead People Pachacuti Cuzco Colour Quechua Heaven Chakana Quwi Christ in the Andes The Coca Seller Torito de Pucara Wag Royal Blue Bowler The Herb Seller On the Doorstep Under the Tree in the Square Sisters Top Hat and Tails Ice Flow Coca Leaves Pepper Shrine to the Mountain God Jungle Camelid Pachamana Despacho Pisac Houses Gates and Crates Smooth Facades Crop Circles Patacancha Fields in Bags Buildings No Longer Theirs Roads Not Their Own Standing There INRI New Gods House at the Bottom of a Mountain Blue Doors Sunday Best Selling Green Crest Salt Pick Christ Torn Revolucionario Weathered Twelve Angles Portal 002 Apu Politics Proud Cholita Door Corner Shadow Rock Three Pillars Tendrils The House of Inti Dead Tired Pachacuti Inca Yupanqui Brains Slumber
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