Anthony Ellis Photography

United Kingdom

Asleep in the Greenhouse Angels and Lights Descent into the Keep Mrs. Dalloway Darling Buds of May Rest in Light Toy Town Fritillaria Wrapped Inside Frosted Fields Burning Embers Cherubs under Moss No Thoroughfare Old Forts Black Mane Carbon Colours Puck Unwrapped Frozen Thorns In the Vale The Bull Unicorn Chained Rocks and Rings In Remembrance Rose in the Dew Trolley Washed Ashore Milking Time The Fortune Teller Spin-Cycle The Basilisk of London Zoo Schola In Memory of the Barber Skull of a Renowned Warrior Named Yankai The Pond Hula Attack! Red Indians Middle Temple Lane Every Sunday Uncle Bill Broken Headstone The Mask Calf Suckling Still as Ice Crossing the Dee The Eye Brighton Pier Jews Against Isreal Columbia Flower Market Of Fire The Shell Building Man Gothica Audrey Bangs the Drum in the Sandy Bell Metal Flower Proboscis Ellen English The Castle and the Spire Baby Bottle and Furs Human Display Pink Bird in a Glass Box Wax Portrait Early Morning Waterloo Station The Keep The Scratch Marat Sade Sun on Ice The Barrier The Plight of the Poor Oxford Students Wooden Roofs Fallen Angel The Violinist The Machiioness Smoke House Flat Bottoms Stag Head and Jesus Autumn Reds Walking on Water Plastic Caught on Barbed Wire White Cliffs Upward Mobility The Colours Bitumen Lambing Hung out to Dry Dawn Rider Jack Frost The Mad Hatter RIP Lions Pulled by Ships Snowy Perch Poppy Unicorn The Witch in the Woods The Swell The Mud Wrestle White Spot Rhododendrons Post Office Tent Lamb Faded English Roses Chimney Pots Shrunken Heads in the Museum The Swan Thames Beacon Pink Sirens An Eye Over London Figureheads My Brother David Stone, Metal and Wood Safe Struck by Lightning Under the Bridge West Pier Rushes Chapel Snow on Frozen Water In the Tall Grass Life Guard Dartmoor Ponies The Launch Lovers' Bloom Square Mile The Vale Dalmatian Mane Pond Life Nipped Spillage Flora Nova Stamens Purple Eyes under a Blue Moon Yellow Wight
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