Anthony Ellis Photography

Yemen Yemen 15°33'N 48°31'E
Room with a View
Indonesia Indonesia 0°47'S 113°55'E
Houses without Smoke
Guatemala Guatemala 15°47'N 90°14'W
Soldiers to Butterflies
Mexico Mexico 23°38'N 102°33'W
Small Sacrifices
France France 46°14'N 2°13'E
Afghanistan Afghanistan 33°56'N 67°43'E
God Willing
Spain Spain 40°28'N 3°45'W
Around the Edges
Morocco Morocco 31°48'N 7°6'W
Dyed Colour
Thailand Thailand 15°52'N 100°60'E
Caged Tiger
Pakistan Pakistan 30°23'N 69°21'E
United Kingdom United Kingdom 55°23'N 3°26'W
Every Sunday
Bangladesh Bangladesh 23°41'N 90°21'E

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