Anthony Ellis Photography

"A photograph is a secret about a secret" - Diane Arbus

Anthony left school in 1995 and spent a year teaching English in Bucharest and travelling in Eastern Europe. It was in Romania that he began taking pictures on a cheap, compact camera, and developed a fascination with recording images.

The next year he started at Oxford, studying English literature. He turned his attention back to photography when, for his twenty-first birthday, his father bought him his first SLR camera. He spent the rest of his degree in the dark room developing black and white shots for theatre companies, student newspapers and the union. 

 In 1999 Anthony moved to London and worked as a freelance photographer while studying photographic theory at Westminster College. A year later he joined the British Diplomatic Service. Over a ten year career that included postings to Cyprus, Afghanistan and Yemen, and full-time Arabic language training in the USA and Syria, Anthony travelled, worked and photographed in the Middle East and Asia.

In 2010 Anthony founded Integrity, an international research consultancy providing key services to organisations working to address the perceptions and needs of communities living in fragile and conflict-affected contexts. His work has taken him across the world. As well as appearing in various travel and news publications, his work has been shown at the Phoenix Gallery in Oxford, the Gloria and Photodos Galleries in Cyprus and at the Adam Street and Ginglik Galleries in London. A selection of his Afghan images are currently exhibited at Somerset House in London, and in Kabul at the Afghanistan Research and Evaluation Unit and the British Embassy.
Machu Picchu, 2014
Minapin Glacier, 2006
Kabul, 2005
Lisbon, 2008
Granada, 2009
Luleå, 2002
Apamea, 2009
Cappadocia, 2005
Ourzazate, 2009
Salamis, 2003
Baghdad, 2006

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