Anthony Ellis Photography

"A photograph is a secret about a secret" - Diane Arbus 

Anthony has created galleries of images from time spent in Europe and the Mediterranean, south-east Asia, the Middle East, the Sub-Continent and now the Americas. Many of his photographs are framed within this geographical context, hence the atlas structure of the web-site.

But the galleries do not try to form a completed chronology of the journeys undertaken. They are less a reflection of place and time than a disorienting absence of such. Viewed one after another the pictures become a collection of distilled but peculiar moments - glimpses into hidden corners and fragments of unknown plot lines. A fractured series of obscure signs, secret symbols and vivid apparitions. Each photograph is a trace, a clue, a ghostly message that, at the moment of taking, someone or something lingered just outside the circle of the lens.

The photographs redefine for us concepts like "exotic" or "oriental". He makes no effort to get off the beaten track or claim to be the first to find such places and have "unique insight" into "real culture". The strange and the foreign are evident in each immediate environment. Look for a moment longer, each photograph seems to tempt, and even the most familiar people and objects around you can be drawn in a new and wholly unfamiliar (though hauntingly beautiful) light.

49 photo galleries